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Echinacea Complex 100 Capsules

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Great at fortifying the body’s immune response
– Helps fight free radicals
– Echinacea complex that contains Echinacea extract, Burdock, Elderberry concentrate, and Cayenne pepper
– Each bottle has 100 capsules with 450 mg of Echinacea Complex each

Whenever we get sick, time stops for us in many ways. The hobbies we love doing are put on hold. The people we love will need to keep their distance until we recover. We can’t even consume our favorite food and drinks until we’re better. Nobody wants their time to stop just like that.

That’s why it’s important to take supplements that help boost the immune system. Echinacea Complex, in particular, is great at encouraging immune system function. But it doesn’t only help boost your body’s first line of defense—the compounds in this herb also help manage the symptoms of common infections such as the common cold and flu.

Echinacea also contains various antioxidants which guard the body against free radicals. It protects us against harmful substances that rapidly age and damage our cells. In a nutshell, Echinacea acts as a shield for our immune system.


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